In Engeland is de organisatie “Centre for Sustainable Healthcare” actief. Deze organisatie draagt de voordelen voor de gezondheid uit van tijd doorbrengen in het groen. Met hun Green Health Routes-programma ondersteunen ze gemeenschappen bij het verbinden met parken, tuinen en bossen in hun directe omgeving. Ze krijgen doorverwijzingen vanuit de zorg. Op hun website staat meer informatie, waaronder:

logo NHS Forest

“The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare works at the interface of health and the environment. As part of this we promote the benefits to health from spending time in green space and other natural places. Our Green Health Routes Programme supports communities to connect with parks, gardens and woodlands, in their local area.

We work with healthcare practitioners to develop routes that will help patients in accessing local green spaces as part of a healthy lifestyle. Our maps and leaflets and the walking groups we set up can be offered as part of a ‘green prescription’. Our walks are aimed at the whole community, but we work hard to get vulnerable populations involved and enjoying green space. Medical research from around the world, collated by the University of Exeter, demonstrates how green prescriptions can deliver physiological and psychological benefits for patients. The evidence also shows that doctors are ready and willing to recommends green activities to their patients, and that effective partnership with green space organisations makes this easier to do.

How do we do it?

We engage with GPs and the wider community to encourage the use of local green space in a variety of ways:

  • Identifying and mapping healthy walking routes to and through local green spaces
  • Providing resources and training to accompany the routes that can be used by local people and GPs to get more people accessing green space
  • Running activities to engage schools, care homes, healthcare practices and community centres
  • Working directly with GP practices and healthcare professionals, as well as with park and outdoor recreation departments in councils. If you, or someone you know are interested in hosting a walk or in finding out more, get in touch!”

Kijk op de website van het Centre for Sustainable Healthcare voor meer informatie.